Yeah, I did talk to my ex or her friend and told them that I still do have feelings.

But once I came back to you, I gave it all up for you.

If only you could read my mind and feelings .

I still believe on, “we can go through this thing together”.

You are all along myside through all the craps I gone through. Even though, people around us probably talking about and misjudging you. You are all along by myside when I don’t even know myself and what to feel toward you. You stick with me understands me. You are all along with me and cared so much for me.

What I did to you was wrong and completely turned my back on you that time. You don’t deserve to be lied on. You don’t deserve being treated like this, ever.

You are rare kind of person that deserve to be treated better and all I want is another chance, to show you one last time and now you show you that I am truly thought about this and serious of having you in my life. I want to be the one who will you treat you like princess.

Yeah, I made so much mistakes and said sorry for so many times. I can’t help it because I don’t want to lose you at all. All i can do is to show you that I’m learning on those mistakes and never ever do it again. I am willing to make myself up for you. Show you that I do truly thought about this and serious, even if it takes me alot of years to earn your trust back I will. I’m willing to drop everything else that isn’t healthy to our relationship.